Chrysalis and Discovery

Southeast Florida Chrysalis! 

What is Chrysalis?

Chrysalis is designed for high school youth ages 15 to 18. Chrysalis challenges them to grow not only in mind and body but also in spirit and faith. The Chrysalis weekend events, referred to as Flights, are offered separately for girls and boys to allow youth freedom to explore their relationship with God without worrying about how they may appear to the other gender. It provides an opportunity outside their local congregations or youth groups to grow in their faith alongside their peers. 

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 For more information on how you can help out, you can reach out to Mary Moore, Perry West, or Sandy West.

Mary Moore: 561-762-2191

Perry West: 561-628-7277

Sandy West: 561-313-8630

Southeast Florida Discovery!

Our Discovery #3 weekend this past September was a great success! We all look forward to doing it again in the future. Keep your eyes here for more information on the next Discovery weekend.