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Both Emmaus Weekends a go, we need more candidates!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, your Emmaus Board decided on Thursday that both Men’s and Women’s weekends are a go! But we need more candidates for both. Don’t delay! Put in your applications now. Men’s Walk Oct. 13-16, Women’s Walk Nov. 3-6. The deadline to submit an application for the Men’s Walk has been extended, but please hurry! FYI, fees will be going up (like everything else) for the next set of walks so take advantage of the lower fee for this set of walks. The prayer wheel will be up on this website, seflemmaus.org shortly along with a template that you can download and print out to bring to your church to sign folks up to pray. Gathering to be held after the Women’s Walk TBA. Remember food agape! And agape numbers are 40 (pillow), 60 (conference room), and 80 (dining room). Send off @6:30 Thursday, Candlelight 8pm Saturday, and Closing at 4:30 Sunday. Please consider volunteering in the kitchen alsol

Please check this website, seflemmaus.org for updates, forms, and information!

Fall Walks 2022:

Men's Walk #86: October 13-16

Women's Walk #86: November 3-6