Board of Directors

Updated January 2024

Spiritual Leader 

Rev. Steve Carleo 

Lay Leader

Vince Stanavich 

Lay Leader Elect 

Linda Brennan 


Past Lay Leader

Deb McLaughlin 


Stephanie Botelle-Houseal


Stacy Rodriguez 



Hazel Gomes

Supplies Coordinator

Mary Moore

Sponsorship/Fourth Day

Lisa Orwig

Men's Walk Chair

Dean Skinner 


Women's Walk Chair

Wendy Chapman


Communications Director

Jonah Houseal 


Kitchen Coordinator

Tom and Suzi Addessa 


Music Director

Everett Barber  


Agape Chair

Gary Stannis 


Follow-Up/Gatherings Coordinator

Michele Capobianco 

Worship Chair

Joey Sigley


Chrysalis Liaison

Perry West 

For more information on the Board of Directors or their specific role on the board, feel free to email any of the directors listed above! 

To submit your name for consideration to serve on the board you can email the Lay Leader directly.